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Zara Advisory is SME advisory firm, start up ACCELERATOR and FRANCHISEE DEVELOPMENT company. We offer transformation consulting, ideas, products, services, technology, secretarial and INVESTMENT to the passionate and committed.

SME Advisory:

MonitorEither there is operational nightmare or drying up of sales & orders or there are financing issues. If you are preparing your next generation or wanting to think beyond, think afresh, explore business synergies and development, do call us once. We can offer innovative, out of box solutions.

We have a good success stories too. We had hosted SME Business Leadership Awards 2013 for 1000+ small & medium businesses.

Business Incubator:

Business IncubatorIf you are passionate about your idea, we can offer technology, secretarial, angel / seed funding, and even marketing, branding and advertising support. If you are still un-decided, we can offer you many good brands or ideas which you can explore for execution. We can even offer you exclusive franchisee opportunities of bright ideas and brands to get going. You don’t need to keep re-discovering. We can help your learning curve to become short and successful.

Start up Accelerator:

Start up AcceleratorIn 2011 we had launched Spirit of Entrepreneurial Activism Campaign and ran it across 47 colleges / universities in India. We were first then, before today’s renewed buzz on start ups. We are still committed, as we wish to sincerely offer, all what is possible, given the circumstances, to help ACCELERATE the dreams of young India.

We offer entrepreneurial education programs for free. We are open for tie-ups with institutions. It helps us to identify and spot bright and future successful entrepreneurs.

Flagship Initiatives:

Resume Clip, Load Dial

Give or take Master Franchisees

you don’t need to reinvent the wheel (all the time!). Taking franchisees of established brands or businesses is a good starting point. It cut shorts your product development expense and time and help GTM (Go To Market) fast. We have many brands associated with us, whose master franchisee you can explore to become. Since we also have ecosystem of start ups and SME’s who are developing or have already developed products / services / brands / businesses, Zara Advisory can help you in developing your franchisee business. We thus play a role of catalyst, to help buddying entrepreneurs in both scenerios – if they have ideas or products or brands and even if they don’t have these. We add value to SME and Start ups. We are thus bridge between both and our services revolve around making both sides successful.

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Zara - Unique Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program

SME Owners, Directors & Leadership Team can register for one year Fellowship program for free. Fellowship offers unmatched benefits to each and every member of 5000+ SME Business community registered for this program with opportunities ranging from business networking, promotions, offers, free training from best of Indian and global universities on relevant modules, best of advise snippets from global consultants & mentors, networking with investors and financiers, opportunities to forge alliance with Indian and global partners for technology and business development. The members can announce offers, share opportunities within this community and look for win win responses to grow their business. Fellowship is a business community with an objective of exploring profitable and sustainable growth for gaining competitive advantage through Business Exchange of opportunities with Fellowship members.

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Entrepreneurial Activism Campaign

Under this campaign, Zara Advisory approaches reputed educational institutes and universities with an objective of developing campus incubation centres for promoting entrepreneurship. Our engagement partners delivers seminars and workshop on entrepreneurship development. It institutes an award to promote and select best business ideas. It also explores opportunities to seed fund such ventures within the institute campuses, thereby promoting entrepreneurship development. Zara Advisory plays a role of process partner and facilitator for such engagement. This spirit of entrepreneurial activism campaign is being run across Indian universities and educational institutes.

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Why Us?

  • Full Support

    Full Support

    We commit end to end responsibility, accountability and support.

    Setup Assist

    Setup Assist

    For new initiative / new project / start up / new offering. We offer complete solution.

    Video Support

    Video Support

    Instant 24x7 video conferencing solution or remote assistance forms part of our offerings.

    Proactive Approach

    Proactive Approach

    When we are responsible, we own the assignment passionately and proactively.



    Success stories and good work has not only given us the confidence, but also expanded our network.



    We cherish our relationships and nurture our resources for win win propositions.

    • SME Meeting Schedule

      SME Meeting Schedule

    • Media Advisories

      Media Advisories

      Spends on marketing is a tricky subject. We specialize on various Below the Line (BTL) innovative marketing solutions as well as ATL initiatives. Depending on the offering, and business plan, media strategies need to get implemented at optimal cost, measurable on incremental revenues. Our Media Advisory offers unmatched output / result oriented flexible solutions ideal for MSME using all kinds of digital, traditional and Field Marketing tools.

    • SME Advisory Board

      SME Advisory Board

      We believe in long term partnerships and value addition. Strategy and leadership consulting is a continual process and much depends on quality of execution rather than quality of blue print. Consultants / Mentors from Zara Mentors may associate with your organization for flexible sitting fees as low as Rs 5,000/- and provide impartial professional advice on long term flexible basis.

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