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to promote and support the SME sector

We develop key strategies

to promote and support the SME sector

About SME Business Leadership Awards 2013

SME Business Leadership Awards seek to recognize outstanding contributions from SME's across industry sectors and geography. Through this award, it seeks to promote this fledging and big base of SME's and aid in their transforming journey from SME to a bigger corporate.

India has such a vast base of SME's that any number of awards to few of these high performers is like a drop in the ocean. Awards are just a means to coagulate efforts and bonding with SME's for collective good. Our objective of the award is to appreciate the efforts of these SME's in sustaining and growing their business, build a network or business relationship platform where each one would be able to freely exchange business opportunities within or outside the group and to promote a culture of professionalism by providing access to leadership think tanks, technology, professionals and mentors, on a shared platform, which can help to leapfrog the ambition of these SME's to the next level.

SME Business Leadership Awards was conceptualized by Plant A Wish Foundation (www.pwfindia.com) which is a Not For Profit organization engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility and Individual Philanthropy with a mission of "Empowerment". It seeks to empower people to diversify and grow economic activity in India. Talent Drivers International (www.talentdrivers.com) "TDI Outdoors" is the organizer of this event, as it has got experience in event management and this event is being organized under the overall planning and supervision of Zara Consultancy Services Private Limited, and hosted on www.zaraadvisory.com This is a big event, multi city event, with knowledge sessions, Fellowship, Spirit of Entrepreneurial Activism Campaign (www.pwfindia.com/empower) and such a huge event is not possible without the teamwork and collective efforts of above organizations and its partners.

Sachin Nikumbh is the CEO of Zara Consultancy Services Private Limited and Lai Televentures Limited under whose dynamic leadership, the organization is mobilizing such a vast efforts from hundreds of small but highly effective organizations / influencer groups / leadership think tanks / trade associations / and all eco system partners involved in SME Businesses.

Linked Profile: in.linkedin.com/in/sachin77 | www.zaraadvisory.com

The SME awards are now accepting applications for 2013 nominations.

Click here to Attend SME Business Leadership Awards 2013, at Taj Lands End Mumbai


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