There are 1.3 million road fatalities, 20-50 million disabilities due to road accidents world over every year. India accounts for 135,000 reported fatalities every year, i.e. 1 fatality every 3 minutes. This is world’s first biggest problem of preventable injuries. We believe RSDAS is one of the best initiative to promote Road Safety and Road Safety Awards is our way to thank people and firms promoting RSDAS and Road Safety.

Who should attend

Senior management, dealers, distributors, channel partners of automobile companies, auto component manufacturers, auto financiers, logistics & transport companies, transporters, C&F agents, shipping companies, container leasing companies, consolidators as also owners & proprietors in packaging, warehousing, and allied industries. Besides this senior officials from RTO, Road Transport and NGO’s are also invited.



To physically attend, network, exchange best practices and support the cause, the fees are non refundable Rs 10,000 at a good venue in Mumbai or Bangalore. To extend the support over press release, journals & publications, the fees is just Rs 2,500/-. Besides this, there are various sponsorship opportunities and this 100% of this amount will be donated to promote Road Safety to authorized NGO’s and 50% to 100% Income Tax rebate (under Sec 80G/35AC) receipts towards such sponsorships will also be made available. This is clean, open, transparent initiative and entire accounts will be circulated to those contributing. Give a missed call to 080-6733-1844 to Pledge for Road Safety.


Why to attend

Some individuals and firms will see tremendous value by way of networking with peers and the transportation industry with firms & channel partners from auto, auto component, auto finance, shipping, logistics industry. It is evitable and good platform if entire transportation industry comes together in support of pressing cause, so intricately related to it, for the betterment of stakeholders and for good. The expected outcome could be specific 5 to 10 initiatives led by individuals or firms in collective group, towards promoting Road Safety.


Benefits of Road Safety Awards

50% / 100% Income Tax rebate

All payments, such as sponsorships etc, besides the event fees (Rs 2,500 / Rs 10,000) will be 100% donated and will qualify for 50% or 100% income tax exemption (as applicable depending on the initiative you support) and will be provided Income Tax receipt under Sec 80G/35AC.

Awards Brochure

CSR / Great Brand Building

Road Safety Partnership is a great CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) opportunity for auto, auto component and auto finance companies. As on ground implementation agency with tangible project implementation, such CSR is in line with the overall business strategies of these companies.

Nominations Event Brochure

Strategic BTL

Road Safety Partnership is a great BTL activity for auto, auto component, auto finance, transport, shipping companies to involve stakeholders in the industry. It is thoughtfully designed initiative so that everybody finds value to associate thereby making this program self sustainable and financially viable.

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Why Us?

  • 100% Transparent

    All accounts circulated to all contributors and open book

    Focused initiative

    Promotion & adoption of RSDAS thereby promoting Road Safety

    Industry Platform

    Unique initiative uniting the industry and stakeholders for good.


    Unique initiative making it self funded, self sustainable and viable, offering networking opportunities for good.

    Income Tax Exemption

    All contributions towards sponsorships donated for cause with proper tax exemption receipts provided.

    Load Dial

    Somebody ought to conceive, think, plan, lead it initially and that is Load Dial. Load Dial is open for ideas to make it more self sustainable for long run.

    • Public Relations

      Even if you are not able to physically attend it, payment of Rs 2,500/- helps include your view point’s / support for this initiative in various PR & promotional materials

    • Networking

      Presence of important participants in entire Road, Water, Air transport industry under single roof makes it enviable opportunity to interact and network

    • Organizers

      Zara Consultancy Services Private Limited is organizing the event and the current sponsorer is Load Dial. There are many sponsorship, advertising & PR opportunities for which Zara Advisory is the coordinating event manager / organizer. Please write to for details